The original charging station/desk lamp


Imagine a cold, snowy night in Pennsylvania. It's January 1776. You come inside, shake the snow from your hat, and light the Ben Franklin stove. After all, it's named after you. But that's a story for another time. You pull your USB charged device from your coat pocket and check for any e-mails you may have received. Sure enough, there's one from Tom Jefferson. You plug your phone into the handy USB jack, turn the red valve handle to set the lights to just the right brightness, and open the e-mail. He wants you to look over something he's calling a "Declaration of Independence". Hmmm, it sounds pretty good. You plug your laptop computer into the electrical receptacle, also part of the light. Don't worry, it's powered by a heavy duty, grounded cord. You forward the e-mail to some other like minded patriots. We'll see what they think.