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Dear Visitors,

My name is Randy Voltz, the eyes and hands behind Steampunk Pipeworks.

I've been working in the home remodeling field for about 35 years. My father left his factory job and started in the business. As the oldest child, I was recruited to help after school and on weekends. This has allowed me to learn about many aspects of the construction trade. Unlike many “contractors“, I have the knowledge to perform all phases of building, from foundations to the roof and everything in-between. Obviously, plumbing and electrical are included.award

Steampunk Pipeworks was born in early 2015. After about the 100th time of my children stealing my phone charger, I decided to use my field-acquired skillset to make something better. Gone were the days of crawling around, feeling behind the bed to plug in my phone! As I’m sure happens with anything new, my extended family had to have them. They all encouraged me to start making them to sell to the public.

Fast forward to 2016, I started going to fine art fairs all the way from central Pennsylvania, to downtown Chicago, Illinois. The response has been spectacular. At the Bedford, PA Fall Foliage Festival, I was the honored recipient of "The Most Unique Product Award" out of over 400 vendors. This was previously unheard of for someone in their first year and served as an affirmation that I was, perhaps, onto something.

Many of the shows that I’ve attended, I’ve heard about from customers, and even though the deadline for application, in many cases, had long since passed, after seeing my products, many have found room for me. Usually, the space they put me in is right in the middle of the festival!

The ironic thing is, all of my family now have Steampunk Pipeworks lamps, but I still don’t. I guess that’s how life usually happens. Perhaps I'll find the time to make one for myself after I've made enough for all of you. We shall see.

Thank you for visiting our site. Don't hesistate to give feedback as it will be assuredly taken under advisement.

Have a great day,


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